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Hop Valley Brewing Co

Our original idea was pretty simple.  Four lifelong Oregonians with knowledge of the local beer market and a better understanding of craft beer just wanted to make some good beer. We found the perfect place to start smack dab in the middle of the old hop central, and the rest is history, albeit a very short history.



Pinot Barrel aged Sai Blonde: A Belgian style Saison aged 1 year in King Estate Pinot Noir barrels.  The barrel aging transforms this spicy, aromatic saison, giving it a toasted oak, cellar like quality of a fine champagne.   ABV: 7.8%  |  IBU’s: 22

Secret Chief American Stout: This American stout was crafted with the lovers of stout in mind. It is roasty, with a bit of caramel layers as well as enough hop bite to maintain presence and to balance out some sweetness. Enjoy!ABV: 6%  |  IBU’s: 50