screenshot-2016-09-16-15-33-14McKenzie Brewing

Mckenzie Brewing is the parent company and brewery to Steelhead Brewery. Steelhead is the Brew Pub in Eugene and the Brew Pub in Burlingame, Ca. We just enjoyed our 25th birthday, 25 years of award winning beers. Established in January, 1991, making us one of the oldest Micro Breweries in Eugene, and the state. Many Brewers have cut their teeth at our brewery, and have gone on to open their own successful breweries. We are currently in the process of building a production brewery and tasting room in Eugene. You can come down anytime to the Steelhead Pub and enjoy all of the Mckenzie Brewing beers, along with great Pub food.


Bourbon Barrel Aged Bulldog Premium Stout:  American Style Stout aged in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels.  ABV: 7.8%   |   IBU’s: 36

Twisted Meniscus IPA: Northwest IPA brewed with Munich and Vienna malt. Numerous varieties of Northwest hops give this IPA a powerful citrus and pine aroma and flavor.  ABV: 7.1%   |   IBU’s: 70